• JJ1708046-09

    Maroon Floral Acrylic Oblong Scarf

    Floral patterns overlay the beautiful maroon shade of this rectangular scarf. Features small eyelash fringe along the edges for added detail. Bring floral patterns into the fall and winter seasons with this cozy acrylic oblong scarf!

  • JJ1403004C-15

    Blue Embroidered Tassel Scarf

    Blue embroidery constructs a floral pattern throughout the body of this rectangular scarf. Black tassels line the hem for added panache. Consisting of an airy, breathable fabric, creating the perfect staple piece for dressing up casual outfits throughout the sunny season.

  • JJ1708027-01

    Floral and Striped Tassel Scarf

    Dual patterns are great for creating various different looks with many outfits! One side of this oblong scarf features a black floral pattern, while the other side contrasts with red and white stripes. Constructed with a warm acrylic knit, and features small fringe in two-tones for added style! Can be worn as a blanket scarf, shawl, neck scarf, and more! The pairing possibilities are endless.

  • JJ1511011

    Get our popular floral print kimono for this season! We love the front details featuring leaves, and our designer used the floral pattern to create a Japanese style. This cover up is really soft, cozy and airy and great to pair with casual outfits or even as a bathing suit cover up!

    • 100% Polyester
    • 104″L x 33″W
    • 68 grams
  • JJ1601098-17

    Add a floral flair to your outfit of the day with this kimono wrap! The colorful floral pattern overlays a white tone, creating the perfect contrast. Ideal for layering, this lightweight, open-front kimono can take your T-shirt and jeans to the next level, or you can layer this piece over your favorite little black dress for a flirty, feminine twist.

    -Material: 100% Polyester

    -Dimensions: 102″L x 30″W

    -Weight: 73 grams

  • JJ1401079NB

    Rose Pattern Infinity Scarf

    Add a touch of elegance to your look with this rose-embellished infinity scarf. Mimicking lace, this print is sure to create a fabulous look if worn as a looped scarf or shawl. Made from soft acrylic fibers to create a lightweight luxe feel. Available in taupe, red, or black shades.

  • JJ1409006

    Rose Pattern Fringe Scarf

    A cozy, knit scarf in a rich rose print adds a touch of fashionable sophistication to any outfit, from fall to winter seasons. This stylish oblong accessory features tassels outlining the bottom, and is easy to pair with most outfits. Available in four unique shades.

  • JJ1503044N

    Detailed Floral Pattern Lace Scarf

    Infinity-cut scarf with delicate fringe along the hem. An ultra-soft polyester and nylon construction combined with lace embellishment makes this infinity scarf comfy to wear through the seasons. Layer it over a little black dress when you’re headed out for the night, and then tone it down with denim shorts or jeans for a daytime outing. Comes in three fashionable shades for various outfit options.

  • JJ1603075

    Color Block Floral Square Scarf

    Lavish flowers bloom in a dreamy haze of colors against a solid background on this square scarf. Composed of a soft and silky fabric, creating an ensemble-perfecting accessory you’ll love reaching for year-round. Wear as a head scarf, elegantly tie around your neck, or spice up casual outfits. Add a chic addition to your wardrobe with this classic pattern and over-sized constructed scarf! Available in four timeless shades.

  • JJ1708011A-01

    Black Floral Triangle Cut Scarf

    Grey flowers embellish the edges of this black triangle scarf. Comprised of soft and lightweight polyester fabric, this is a great accessory for day-to-night wear. Feels elegant when wrapped as a shawl–the fabric is breathable and feels like a soft cotton. Features tassels dangling along the three edges.

  • JJ1706016

    Black Floral Victorian Scarf

    Take an everyday outfit from basic to brilliant with this bold flower print scarf, which is sure to deliver just that! This scarf is made with soft, luxurious polyester fibers which will add a bold, colorful statement to any wardrobe. The oblong cut offers a multitude of versatile styling options throughout the seasons!

  • JJ1603069

    Embroidered Floral Oblong Scarf

    Complete an outfit with flair when you add this embroidered floral scarf. This pretty scarf is 70 inches long, so it wraps around your neck several times with plenty of spare material for dramatic loose ends.

  • JJ1707033-01

    Floral and Striped Bandanna Square Scarf

    Finish your laid-back looks with our striped and floral print square scarf. Featuring tassels on the edges, this bandanna scarf is adorned with various prints throughout to create a stylish appearance. The lightweight fabric makes this a great accessory to wear throughout the seasons. Layer this striped scarf over denim or a casual black dress to instantly change up your look.

  • JJ1409013

    Bright Pattern Tassel Square Scarf

    This square bandanna scarf is perfect to tie in your hair, around your neck, or on your purse strap for a vintage-inspired finish to any look. Get creative with this must-have accessory, done with unique patterns and a fabric that is silky to the touch. Add some color and flair to your look with this fashionable accessory, lined with tassels along the corners. Available in blue or light green.

  • JJ1504022-01

    This floral kimono features a beautifully flowy silhouette that’ll provide you with a flattering, comfy fit. Meet your style goals by adding an extra oomph to your outfit with this pretty kimono wrap. Spruce up any simple outfit with this layering accessory! Composed of lightweight polyester fabric for wear in warm weather.

    -Material: 100% Polyester

    -Dimensions: 53″L x 32″W

    -Weight: 81 grams

  • JJ1504021-07

    Vintage Floral Print Kimono in Beige

    Take our vintage-styled floral kimono from the festival season to sunny beaches! Gauzy, lightweight polyester fabric with a feminine floral pattern throughout. This open front kimono is constructed with ruana-style side slits for sleeves. Layer this fashionable accessory to your look for added boho-style!

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